He who should not be named

the former guy

After four years of a megalomaniac controlling this country, it feels good to have a breath of fresh air. Never again should we be forced to mention THAT GUY. Ya know the one, the FORMER GUY…. The one who the country needs to heal from. The one the country needs to move on from. Yes. That guy!

Tonight on CNN’s Townhall, our President, Joe Biden, gave THAT guy the perfect moniker. From this point forward, we should refer to him as, “The Former Guy.”

We won’t insult.

We won’t name call.

We will just call him THE FORMER GUY….

and maybe, just maybe he disappears.

I got the idea for this website after the Townhall. I wanted to maybe use it to make a difference. I will be donating 50% of all donations on Venmo to $FormerGuyBDW to Feeding America. As long as the site is up, I’ll post proof of the donation until we can come up with another idea for this.

For any ideas or tips from other nonprofits or government organizations who may want to use this domain name contact: former@theformerguy.com

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